Toothbrush. Toothpaste. In One.

Revolutionary single body toothbrush with integrated toothpaste cartridge. Cutting edge dental technology with Aerospace Aluminium Body. Designed for those who know no boundaries and change the world for the better.

The Places We'll Go

Engineered just for you.

Let’s give you a hint of all the great features.

A truly portable oral hygiene solution with all the necessary features in a superbly designed, lightweight body. Simplifying how you carry everything you need.

Airplane Safety
Airplane Safety

Figuring out if your oral hygiene products are allowed on planes can be an exercise in frustration.
ivmax products are welcome on all flights.

No Charging
No Charging

Oral hygiene, even in the most remote spots. Do you really need more chargers and cables in your backpack?

100% Recyciable
100% Recyciable

Every minute, every single day, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic enters our oceans. Materials used in ivmax production are 100% recyclable.

Eco Frendly
Eco Frendly

Making a conscious effort to use less. For us, convenience and common sense go hand in hand.

ivmax Toothbrush

All-in-one toothbrush solution with simple yet powerful technology.
Dentist-approved amount of toothpaste combined with brush bristles of your choice. Y-Membrane protects the mechanism from any water or dirt that might work its way in. No batteries, no charging, and sleek, stylish design. Forget worrying about airline requirements and plastic bags taking up space - we're always welcome on board.
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Specially designed to keep the toothpaste always fresh.

Specially designed to keep the toothpaste always fresh.

Our patent-protected Y-Membrane keeps the toothpaste from drying and getting in contact with water. Improves the brushing of your teeth and gives your gums a light massage.

ivmax Mechanical Core is the heart of our toothbrush.

ivmax Mechanical Core is the heart of our toothbrush.

The fine-tuned architecture of ivmax is making sure that you're always using the recommended toothpaste amount, and like the rest of our product, it's a thing of beauty.

Full range of toothpastes


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Ivo Ivanović
Ivo Ivanović Founder CEO
Marko Ivancević
Marko Ivancević Founder COO
Jovana Mićunović
Jovana Mićunović Marketing Consultant
Dragan Ivančević
Dragan Ivančević Member of the Board of Directors
Milija Bato Šuković
Milija Bato Šuković Research & Development
Srđan Erceg
Srđan Erceg Digital marketing officer
Milena Radulović
Milena Radulović Brand Ambassador
Pero Duletić
Pero Duletić CFO
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Đorđe Đorđević Engineer
Dijana Ljubiša
Dijana Ljubiša Marketing Consultant

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